Respiratory System Game

Diseases come to our bodies in many ways. Sometimes germs make us sick, other times our bodies are affected by bad and poisonous things and yet other times the diseases are caused when some parts of our bodies are not working well because they did not develop well or are different from what other people have.

Your assignment for this week is to find one disease that affects a part of the respiratory system and make a 5 minutes presentation about that topic. That means you have to research very well with the help of your friends and family because you are going to teach us about that disease. You can use PowerPoint, a video, write a story or write short notes that will help you remember what you found out. You could even have a skit or song!! Make it fun.

Each presentation should have the following information:

  1. The disease.
  2. The part of the digestive system it affects.
  3. How does it affect those parts?
  4. How can one tell they may have that disease.
  5. What one can do to protect themselves from the disease.