Solutions and Solvents

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Today, we’re going to learn about something very interesting – solutions! Have you ever wondered why sugar dissolves in water or how we make lemonade? Well, solutions, solutes, and solvents play a big role in that. Let’s dive in and discover more!  

What is a Solution?

A solution is a special mixture where one substance is dissolved in another. Imagine making a delicious glass of lemonade. When you mix lemon juice and sugar in water, you’re creating a solution!   Solute and Solvent  


The substance that gets dissolved in a solution is called the solute. In our lemonade example, the sugar is the solute because it dissolves in the water.


The substance in which the solute dissolves is called the solvent. In the lemonade, the water is the solvent because it’s what dissolves the sugar and lemon juice.


Making Saltwater: Let’s take another example – making saltwater. When you mix salt in water, you’re creating a saltwater solution.   Solute: Salt (the substance you’re putting into the water) Solvent: Water (the substance that dissolves the salt)

How Do Things Dissolve?

When you mix the solute (like sugar or salt) into the solvent (like water), the particles of the solute spread out and mix with the particles of the solvent. They become so tiny that we can’t see them anymore!   Concentration: The strength of a solution is called its concentration. If you put a lot of solute in a little solvent, the solution is strong or concentrated. If you put less solute in more solvent, the solution is weak or dilute.  

Fun Facts:  

You can make different solutions by using different solutes and solvents. Some solutions are things we use every day, like juice, tea, and even the air we breathe! Solutions can be solid, liquid, or gas. For example, air is a solution of different gases!


A solution is a mixture where one thing (solute) dissolves in another (solvent). Solute is what gets dissolved, and solvent is what does the dissolving. Mixing salt and sugar in water are examples of solutions. Concentration tells us how strong or weak a solution is.  


Now you know all about solutions, solutes, and solvents! Remember, solutions are all around us, making things taste yummy and helping us in many ways. Keep exploring and discovering the amazing world of science!