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We are providing affordable and accessible interventions to learning disabilities using the internet space.

Our interventions include a free parents’, teachers’ and caregivers’ course. The course will provide information about LDs and the gifts of the different minds and will also equip them with practical things that they can do to support the different learners at school and at home.

Part of our mandate includes developing a Different Learning Resource centre that will provide teaching materials that will enable the teacher to apply inclusive learning skills in the classroom. The resources can be used for home support and individual use by the learner with learning disabilities.


Although we are not directly involved with assessments, our skilled coaches are trained to identify the main symptoms of dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and dyspraxia and ADHD. Through our coaching sessions, they are able to identify major needs and equip the child with skills that can help them use their different learning styles to understand concepts and benefit from the learning experiences both in school and at home. We are also equipping them with life skills that will help them navigate the negative psychosocial effects of learning disabilities.
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Ready to take the next step and learn? Join our courses.